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asus tuf fa506qm bios 311 can't use second ssd drive

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System: Windows 11
Battery or AC: both
Model: fa506qm
Frequency of occurrence: Always
Reset OS: No
Screenshot or video: Apart from being a different model of laptop, it is the same issue (and drive) that happens in this thread
Detailed description:I have been using the 2 drives in this laptop without issue, until the other day that windows update updated the bios to version 311. Right after that, the second drive stopped showing in windows and bios.
Reseating the drive made it appear on bios on the first reboot, but once logged into windows it didn't show anywhere anymore, not on windows or bios. I did notice that the windows' provided driver for nvme drives in the missing drive was showing an initializacion error that disappear after instaling the micron driver
I tried to reinstall the bios update but with the same results. I had to reinstall version 310 to fix it.

Hi all
This issue is still being confirmed.
Please enter the following command and provide the screenshot after entering the command for us to confirm.
The command are :
1. Type "Winver" in the search bar
2. Type "System information" in the search bar
Thank you.

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Keep in mind i use windows in spanish

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