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[VivoStick PC] Does the VivoStick (TS10) Support Auto Start after a Power Failure?

Yes, VivoStick supports AC Power Loss restart!

The bios setting for this feature is turned off as default so follow steps below to enable it.

If there are problems to enter the bios by holding the 'Delete' or 'ESC' keys at power-up, search/select the 'Advanced startup' option in the Windows 10 'Recovery Options' similar to the FAQ below for Win8.1 or better yet just hold the 'Shift' key while restarting Windows from the shutdown menu to enter 'Advanced startup'.

Follow the remaining steps in the FAQ below to enter the UEFI Firmware settings which is the same thing as the BIOS.

Once you enter the bios, use the arrow keys to navigate to the 'Advanced' menu and select 'APM Configuration' by the 'enter' key.

Under 'APM Configuration', change the 'Restore AC Power Loss' setting to 'Power On' as screenshot below and press 'F10'  to save and exit the bios.

Now when power is lost to the VivoStick, the unit should automatically power on once power has been restored which you can test by unplugging the power and restoring power.

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