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CX9 Chromebook, Problems running chrome

Star II

With 16 GB Ram, Intel I7, Chrome (latest update -- 108.0.5359.172 - and all before it) should be running like a charm, but I am having all sorts of strange problems. I've had the computer for about 1 month, and the problem started immediately. 

- clicking into an open tab, it starts scrolling up, sometimes for seconds, no matter what I do (clicking, trying to scroll down, and so on). This doesn't always happen.

- UI and/or mouse freezes when clicking into a different tab. Doesn't always happen.

- Sometimes, (rarely) when loading a new tab, it will be blank white screen, perhaps with one element. Scrolling mouse over the blank page, the cursor may change to to a pointer, indicating some kind of clickable link, but clicking it has no effect. Screen will sometimes populate properly by clicking into another tab and then back.

- Occasional crashing of a tab

- Occasional freezing of screen for a few seconds. 

-Interestingly, this forum has been particularly bad for scrolling and freezing. 


I haven't powerwashed and started again. 


Accepted Solutions

Star II

So, It appears that the chrome extension ProWritingAid, a paid text correction app, has caused the problem. Computer works fine when the app is disabled. 

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May I ask if you uninstall chrome and reinstall it later, does the situation improve? 

Do you mean do a power wash, or just reinstall Chrome? 

I mean just reinstall Chrome. 

Not sure how to delete chrome to reinstall, but I did a powerwash. It seemed to improve the situation, but then I just had another page, when going back to the already open tab, scroll uncontrollably. What is true is that I have a lot of tabs open, but my old chromebook, an Acer i3 with only 4gb of ram, would not have these problems.