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[XG Mobile] Hot uplug

Star II

In continuation of [XG Mobile] Hot uplug - ASUS - ZenTalk - 145722

System: Windows 11 Pro [Version 10.0.22621.900]
Battery or AC: AC
Model: GV301QC
Frequency of occurrence: Day by day
Reset OS: Yes
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:
Sometimes deactivation does not happen whatever I do:

  1. Armory crate services restart
  2. Asus services restart
  3. XG Mobile lock switch off and on without unplugging
  4. Nothing helped until reboot.

However when I did hot unplug (without deactivation) nothing terrible happened. All the apps remain working and just move to the main laptop screen. Only 3050 GPU remain disabled.
So why GPU switch cannot be done after hot unplugging then? Looks like Windows 11 does hot GPU unplug pretty well.

In order to avoid misunderstanding, may I confirm with you again?
> So you think it's a problem that there is no error?
So there are several problems:

1. Armoury Crate service leaks. It aquires Windows handles but does not release them which affects PC performance the longer you have PC running. If you install SysInternals Process Explorer, add `Handle Count` column and sort by it you will see that Armoury Crate service is in the top using 6000-10000 handles while at the beginning it uses only 1100.
So after I added a scheduled task to do the flolowing every 6 hours PC performance became much better

net stop "ArmouryCrateService"
timeout /T 45
net stop "ArmouryCrateService"

You need to do a better native memory management.

2. The user experience you provide with extenal graphics plugging and unplugging is very bad an annoying. But can be impreoved.
I did some experiments and if I:

  1. Disable eGPU in devce manager
  2. Unplug HDMI
  3. Enable eGPU in devce manager
  4. Deactivate XG Mobile

then I don't see that weird window that asks to close apps using eGPU because Windows released eGPU memory.

So you can absolutley do that programmatically without notifying me that apps are using eGPU.
Why do I need to care about that if Windows can handle that perfectly.
So if you just deactivate XG Mobile HDMI and Display-Port ports programmatically Windows will switch to the single laptop screen and release eGPU memory without closing the apps.
Then you can deactivate XG Mobile itself. 

3. When hot unplug accidentially happened I don't understand why can't I deactivate XG Mobile and activate intrnal NVidia 3050? What is the problem??? XG Mobile is already unplugged. Why can't I press deactivate button and switch to 3050???



Is the phenomenon you mentioned guaranteed to occur 100% of the time?
If so, could you please provide a video demonstrating the issue for us to confirm?

Additionally, please provide the current BIOS version and Armory crate version you are using.

Thank you.

Is the phenomenon you mentioned guaranteed to occur 100% of the time?
Do you mean handles count?

Additionally, please provide the current BIOS version and Armory crate version you are using.
GV301QC.415 (2023-04-14)

Armoury Crate
ROG XG Mobile (2922-05-05)

My apologies for misunderstanding your question earlier. Let me clarify:

What I mean is, will the problem you mentioned definitely occur under the steps and operations you described? 

1. Leaky Armory Create Service – my solution with its restart solves the problem with performance degradation for me but sometimes 45 seconds timeout is too short and it does not start. As a temporary workaround it is OK but I ask to investigate the problem.

2. XG Mobile deactivation without closing apps that us eGPU – my workaround is not what I want to perform manually. It is too time consuming. Open Device Manager, disable eGPU, unplug HDMI (it is not good for my HDMI port and can break it), enable eGPU, deactivate eGPU, plug HDMI. I spend 2 minutes to perform this procedure. Which is very critical time when you need to exit somewhere but have to spend additional time to unplug XG Mobile.