When can we expect Android 10 stable release for ROG2 ?




  • Correct. I've never seen Google Play Services on my list of apps eating battery.

  • Android Q and latest security update is right around the corner. Please hold on a little longer. I know you've been waiting but it got delayed because of bugs that needed to be fixed and then we had Chinese New Year and then there's the Corona virus which affects us too even though most devs sit in Taiwan. I fully understand that you wanted it yesterday but we're not going to release something with a lot of bugs that we're aware of. We need to postpone until they are fixed. Everything else would just be irresponsible as a manufacturer. Don't you agree?

  • i guess since this software is close to android , it might be facing same issue like Pixel phones.

  • It's pathetic, ASUS are just lazy, don't care about phones. They should just stick to their laptop production. Many Rog phones are facing issues, it's literally a joke. Going to sell mine and stick with Xiaomi or RealMe.

  • Fair enough, but it's just not acceptable that the update is so late. The Rog II came out last year July Time, android Q roughly the same time, why it's taken almost 8 months to update is just a joke, wouldn't you agree with that ? 8 months?! Now there's another android around the corner, android 11

  • Xioami or realmeme kek lol

    X2 pro has great hardware but software sucks

    It's too still on pie

    Miui is another ?

    Ads are a feature on these two Ui's lmao

  • On point brother , exactly what we are trying to tell them but there is no response frm Asus sadly . I've left hopes fr an update let it come , cn nt crib more for it . I switched from samsung because of slow android software updates , I never knew that asus is lagging behind samsung itself . #disappointed

  • I didn't experience any ads at all on the Xiaomi phones I had and tbh miui11 is pretty good

    I agree that the color OS in the realme isn't great however the prices, the chipsets, the charging speed all amazing on the realme

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    I'm glad you agree bro! It's so true though, android Q was out last year June/July, Asus had plenty of time to update !! I moved from Samsung to Xiaomi, Xiaomi was very good but after seeing the Rog II, Asus won me over. But in all honesty it was a big mistake coming to Asus, I'm going to sell my Rog II and go back to Xiaomi or possibly Realme. The x2 pro is a brilliant phone, only downside is the color OS however that can easily be sorted out by realme. Asus was a bad choice and to be honest I'm disappointed because the Rog II is a great phone but the support from Asus is a joke

  • Same story with me too so far ?? S10plus to Rog 2 as u mentioned it won it all over , but after this suffering for updates I will not be going for Asus again and maybe try one plus and then apple . I'm a user which like to use different OS , I'm completely boored with samsung after 3 year of use with different models . Even I thought of one plus but rog 2 is a beast but after such services I'm again disappointed as I came from asus for better updates and timely too so that I dnt have to wait for a longer period of time for updates , but the time of suffering is more here ??. Good luck brother

  • i feel you bro. it seems when it comes to aftermarket support. asus seems a bit slow on the updates and fixes. i don't want to compare with different brands but even the s9 has the official android 10 now. and rog 1 just got an android 9 update. and if the rumors are true that the official release is on july for android 10 then about that time there is android 11 on that months already. i can see also that there are no android 9 OS update anymore too. ?

  • Haha android 11 in 2022 ?? , I'm shocked that even s9 is having the latest version of Android fuck dude ?. Asus very well going tho , thankyou . Android 10 is not necessary for us now , I would request Asus to leave update 10 and rather focus on A11 please ? , 8 months is a hell lot of time.

  • It's been a verry long time since a security update too

  • The Search function is your friend. We get this same kind of post constantly.

    There is no exact date. Just "soon".

  • and now samsung has catch up with 120 hz also. it will be a good time now if there will be some game optimization, camera fixes and system update now.. just saying.

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    I understand that you want to be able to brag to your friends about having the latest android version before them and you kind of expect it when purchasing a flagship. I fully understand and it's easy to compare to other manufacturers and their models but you have to understand that ROG Phone II is no ordinary phone.

    When Google release a new Android version, what the manufacturers get is not a fully finished OS that we can simply push into the phone with some minor modifications. Far from it. Even the Pixel is not using the same code that's released to us.

    The reality is that we have to prioritize because we can not release a new Android to all our phones at the same time. Our priority (which is probably the same as for all manufacturers) is to start with the phone(s) that is easiest to update and most important to us at that current time. This could be a newly launched phone followed by the phone with the most active users. In our case, we started with ZenFone 6. We could then use that code as a template with some modifications for older models with a lot of active users without having to rewrite a lot of code. But ROG Phone II is not like those other phones. The specs are very different and it has a lot of accessories. It's probably one of the phones out there which is most complicated to make a new OS for. Again, we don't want to launch something with a lot of bug just get it out as fast as possible. Other manufacturers have made that mistake and they wished they hadn't.

    Android 11 (R) will be released by Google in July/August maybe but don't expect to see phones in the wild with this OS until late 2020.

    I just want clarify that we want to make as many of our customers happy as possible with the resources we have. I hope you can understand this in the same way as I can understand why you want a new OS as fast as possible?

  • i am currently using Asus Rog 2 and my device is running on android 9 . i want to ask u that when we are getting android 10 update????

  • Latest update will come with Android 10 which is soon.

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