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Feedback Software update

Rising Star I

Hey guys, I installed the lastest update and used it for a day. Until now I think I can say it is better than before but still not as stable as Android 13. 

There are few frame drops here and there. But atleast it is playable now for me. I mostly play Codm. I haven't tried BR yet as I am playing mostly MP. 

If you are on Android 14 previous version so you can go ahead and upgrade. But I will still recommend those on Android 13 don't need to upgrade. In Android 13 it rarely had any frame drops. And in Android 14 there are no custom features so it's not like you will be missing anything other than the number 14 in the Android version instead of 13.

Btw I found a thread on the telling that the power button doesn't immediately turn off the screen. I don't know if it was in Android 13 or not but yes it is taking exactly 0.5 sec after pressing the button to turn the display off. I know doesn't sound much but when you notice it feels late.

I will be active on the forum posting any bug I find later.


Star III

Hello, about the power buttom I had the same problem and a moderator explained me. No is a problem of the software, this that u happen is intentionally, if u active the shortcute to the camera (double tap in power buttom) it take longer to take off to give you an extra time to make the double touch. Try remove that option and the screen will turn off fast again.

Good bye 

Hi, thanks for the reply. 

I checked settings that Quick Launch Camera is already off. Enabling and disabling doesn't help. In both the cases it took the same 0.5 sec to turn off the screen.

After seeing your answer it made sense that if it is enabled it sure will wait a little to check for the 2nd click of the power button but even after disabling it is the same time.