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Where is the bootloader unlock tool???????

Rising Star I

Asus you will loose allot of customers we bought an android to do whatever we want with the phone because it's our devices the main thing is with android that you can customize it however you want with custom ROMs but you took it away Asus more lawsuits will come Asus NEVER AGAIN one plus devices are much better and more stable than this Asus trash device, android 14 is the biggest disappointment ever.


Boycot on Asus I will do my best to show the world what a scammer company Asus is I will reach out to YouTubers Asus never again.

Asus makes too many false promises. they don't mean to unlock the bootloader. Finally, several of my friends and I bought a rog 5 because it could unlock the bootloader. But we didn't buy the Rog 6, 7 and 8 because of the bootloader unlock issue.