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Bluetooth connection causing super slow motion when playing video

Star I

Hi to all,

Urgently need help.. I have ROG Phone 8, which having Bluetooth problem in the last 3 days... The issue is as soon after I've connected my Bluetooth the video that I've playing suddenly stuck or in super slow motion and lagging.. not even single word from the video can came out properly. But this issue is not showing up as soon as I've disconnected the Bluetooth. I've tried different Bluetooth from ipod, Samsung earbud, and headphone.. nothin works... Only cable earphone work... I've tried to reset all settings... Still no luck... I'm trying to get a way out to resolve it without factory resetting my phone... Appreciate anyone help to fixing it... Pleaseeee... Pleasee help.. big thanks.


Star I

Fyi same issue happened doesn't matter from which app I use to play the video, Netflix, youtube.. all still hv same issue.. helppppp

Hi, which firmware version are you on?
And which headphones are you using?