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Asus ROG Phone 6 And Android 14 update, an issue that must be solved!

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i dont like to waste time so ill skip the introduction and just get straight into it.

the latest update for the ROG 6 A14 seems to be buggy and unstable, further more after doing some researching it seems that support has been dropped for the ROG 6 lineup, I don't mind that, what I do however mind is that we got pushed to an update, that is unstable, got major bugs that needs attention, and then all of a sudden "YEP, we wont push no more updates! we will focus on the newer lineup!"

like cant we at least have some updates  just to batch the major issues so that its stable enough?

some of the issues to mention.

The camera


random freezing on the main menu but its not that big of a deal.

NFC randomly stops working and requires a restart to work again.

the inability to reliably use my phone to pay via the NFC and i would need to bring the physical card with me all the time, already lost it twice its on me sure but still if the NFC worked as intended i wouldn't have had to bring the CC with me to begin with.

more issues that others are experiencing but for some reason its not affecting me.

but generally speaking those are my only problem, unless these problems are fixed its not good at ALL for the updates to come to a halt right now.

else provide us a mean to easily downgrade to android 13 which was far more stable.

the phone is not cheap and its not easy to just keep buying the latest models especially since they only keep getting more and more expensive when they are already pricey enough as is.

if anyone knows a way to downgrade in a safe way do let me know to the latest build of A13



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They aren't focused on the new lineup , even ROG phone 8 pro has overheating issues right now and they says that there's not any don't wanna work think haha. 

overheating is usually caused by having the processor running at full speed for tasks that don't require that much resources or if its going beyond the recommended speed that is suggested by the processor manufacturer.

but for now the main problem here is the camera and the NFC instability for the ROG 6 as of now. for ROG 8 pro I have no idea since I don't own one," I planned on buying it but seen how the experience is with ROG 6 I don't think ill go for that upgrade anytime soon, especially since they removed the AUX headphone jack"

They havent removed the Aux, the 8 still has one

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oh they actually do!

 then i might upgrade, tho unless the support will drop quickly then ill stay with what I have for now