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Repair cost Rog 6 display stopped working

Rising Star I
  1. Model Name: rog 6 ww model
  2. Firmware Version:latest
  3. Rooted or not:not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: everytime

My rog 6 display stopped working, I can hear the sound when alarm rings but no display and some flashlights type things on the screen when it is touched.  

There are no physical damages on the front glass but there are damages near the back camera (extreme top left corner) and it feels like it would come out but may be screws are holding it. 

I believe that it required the back panel replacement and little repair , may be the connection to the lcd is being loose now which is why the display is not working. Any thoughts on this?

What would be the part cost? What would be the repair cost? I need a ballpark figure.





I would recommend you contacting your closest ASUS Service Center for evaluation, as we don't have prices for parts or repairs here.

@Mattias_ASUS you got to help me with this. I submitted the phone they shipped it to different city as Asus doesn't have part available here. Initially I was told that lcd and back panel needs to be replaced and they gave a quote which is half of the price of the new phone. I still agreed and paid for it and now after 2 days they found the problem with motherboard and shared a new quote which is currently more than the actual price of the phone in India. This is not acceptable, the motherboard had no issues as I was able to hear my alarm ringing when the display was gone bad.  Then how come alarm was ringing if motherboard was faulty. The motherboard must have gone bad during repair and it should not be my problem. I am a Rog user from long time and this was my second Rog phone. Please do something ASAP 🙏

Star I

Bro relax it's a normal thing to happen try force restart everytime the display turns off by pressing volume up and down button together with the power on button