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Rog phone 6 A14 bug's v .260

Star II

After receiving Android 14 in its first version, it had some serious bugs so to speak, after this it received an update that would fix those errors, such as problems in FPS in games, connection, screen, lighting, etc...


After this update, other problems have arisen, for example the air trigger, it does not respond correctly, that is, once you touch the button it stops being pressed or they stop working after the first touch or prolonged touch, another is the logo lighting system ROG and ready to play that cannot be activated independently, if you activate one the other is activated without the possibility of turning off the ready to play, which is stressful in my opinion...


Another bug that I found is that if the phone is locked, sometimes the sound while playing is lost in the top speaker, leaving only one speaker as an audio output, the performance problem still continues, playing games like Call of Duty Mobile has a loss in performance. massive in some cases with stability of less than 60% at times, overheating the device more aggressively unlike the android 13 update...


I have also found a bug with the intelligent bypass once you stop playing and exit the game with the option activated, the phone still thinks it is in the game and due to the temperature the phone stops charging and even if I plug it in it does not detect the load as such....


The flashing on the screen still continues, when it is locked or unlocked it flashes in gray tones, the performance of the device feels a little rougher or more robust than the system unlike Android 13, some other failures that I have noticed are with the networks phone that seem slower or clumsier... Some of the features that are present in the Genius and Armory Create necessary are


A redesign of the interface as well as more customization options,

Some options that the ROG is missing are the


Independent sound per application, something essential today,

optimization of the camera via software since the performance is very bad or lacking...

Improvement in the ROG lighting system and Ready to play

Leave below any other problem or bug or any feature that you think the ROG is missing in terms of software...


Star III

I don't have the problems you describe except for the worse fps in games, the last update did help but it's still not like the A13

Not all of us have the same problems, this is due to the different versions of the HK, CN phone. 

Star I

I'm very disappointed in A14. The poor performance in games is killer for me. No matter if i turn ON or OFF X mode it's the same. Genshin and Honkai sar rail. Very often huge FPS drops and Nikke goddess of victory run very sluggish (15FPS) all the time. I really wonder what they did so wrong that performance is all over the place, some people have problems some don't. And another thing i wonder why we can't get GPU driver update? the phone still using one that was released with(If i'm not mistaken there was no GPU driver update). Other manufacturers update this stuff even for non gaming phones, but i guess this isn't enough gaming phone. So today i tried to turn ON my old ROG3 and all games work fine there. So i guess i will use ROG6 for calls and sms and ROG3 for games... so sad.

I definitely have the same detail, I did lives on TikTok while playing Call of duty mobile, I have low FPS jumping from 120 to 70-40 FPS even though the phone is said to be elite of snapdragon,And it was the phone sponsorship for the game championship that goes so badly it's a disappointment, my poco x3 pro moves the game completely more stable, A14 uploads a lot of throttling a And I agree with you, other phones update their GPU drivers, things that Asus does not do.