ZenFone8 stuck on waiting for flashing full ramdump



  • How many reported cases are there for the 8 Flip?

  • Mine went black a few days ago for a couple of hours. Think i finally made it restart with volume up and power button. Before this my phone been restarting a lot before this.

    I'm was hoping android 12 make this issue go away, but when reading this thread I realize this might be a hardware problem.

  • Another user with dead phone here... seriously a good thing I am not on a trip while my phone died, though some of my important data is still lost.

    2021.05 16GB Ram variant. 3 months of usage and then sudden black screen after charging in the morning.

  • Hi all.

    I just received my Zenfone 8 Flip (MFD 04.2021) a week ago. Sadly, im unaware of ramdump issue before purchase.. SMH.. would've picked up another phone if I knew..

    Currently my firmware is with 5th April Android security patch.

    Should i update to the latest firmware version? My worries is that if i update then maybe i wont catch "ramdump", or is it even matter at all if I update or not?

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    Ramdump is not a software issue, according to Asus. I believe them as software cannot realistically completely brick a device the way the permanent ramdump cases are. (There are also some temporary ramdumps that sometimes happen to people, similar to how you get a blue screen when windows crashes, a quick reboot and the phone is fine) I think most reports of temporary ramdumps were due to people installing LineageOS.

    Also worth noting, from what I have seen, the phones that eventually brick into ramdump generally do so after 3-5 months of usage. So I would say enjoy the phone for that moment, just keep backups and if it bricks itself, get a replacement from Asus.

    Something tells me that Ramdumps are not all that common is that Asus instead fixes the broken units instead of recalling them, which most likely means that there are not many affected and it is cheaper for them to just replace the affected units.

    Since you are on April patch, I would strongly recommend you update your phone to get the latest security patch as it is very out of date. Also, Asus made lots of improvements to battery and heating in the last few months. I do not know if it applies to the Flip, but it was the case for the regular 8.

  • I'm the latest unfortunate victim of the ramdump issue. Problem is, I'm traveling internationally and Asus won't service my phone in the US. Totally up a creek without a paddle. Heellllp Asus please.

  • Ramdump 12-20-2021

    Help Asus.

  • How old is your phone? Guess I know about this after buying this phone and my phone MFD was 4/2021

  • I had same problem. After 5 months using my device was dead. I used warranty service and after 29days i got my device back. They replaced motherboard+charge adapter. If i will have 3x times same problem then i will recieve money back. Hopefully will be OK!

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    Greetings from Poland!

    +1 is here :/

    Mine unit just went dead this morning. I wasn't charging it last night. It was working perfectly when I woke up and last time it worked was just a minute before going out to work. I got there in about 10 minutes and discovered my phone not responding to any action. Just turned off and dead.

    I got it in early july, but can't remember the MFD; probably around april/may. It was working on a stock ROM, not unlocked, etc.

    Thankfully I am using google drive backup, but it still heavily sucks, especially at the end of the year, when companies/services tend not to work at 100% :/

  • It seems realy legit. Mine just bricked and there wasn't any info on the screen suggesting previously mentioned symptoms of ramdump - just a black, dead screen of a phone not responding to any button combination nor charging.

  • and what newcomer will find this thread in this forum? hmm?

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    I'm coming out of shock slowly ;)

    Actually, the biggest problem for me is the potential loss of some data which google do not backup automaticaly from the device, and a lot of configuration waiting for me after the repair (which I realy, realy HATE doing).

  • what update is it?

  • If you are on. 65 right now, your device does not use the full power of the snapdragon 888. This update gives you back your heat stone

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    Wow I've been off this thread for quite a while but surprise surprise! Still new cases popping up!

    Anyway to the latest victims I'm really sorry that you have to go through hell with Asus but give up hope that they will issue a statement about this problem, they are just turning a deaf ear to all these complains and just cover things up.

    My advice once your phone gets fixed is try to sell it if possible to rid yourself of more future problems and never touch another Asus product again!

    *PS: if you guys noticed, even the mods haven't responded to any of the issues here for months so there's your proof that they don't care!

  • I see. I already bought this then only stumble upon this Forum...

    Guess I need to do backup regularly for item that didn't sync with cloud service for precaution.

    Bought this phone in December, guess I have time until May until I know that ramp dump issue will come to my phone.

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