ZenFone8 stuck on waiting for flashing full ramdump



  • Phew so we now have 17 zenfone 8 phones, with this issue!

  • I've reported issue with my phone on 09/01 and on 09/14 it was repaired. Service left a remark about replacing motherboard. In my case there was no damage done by the service just that on back camera lenses there is small amount of lets say "dust". What I want to say is that if you pay attention then you will see that the phone was opened and it will never look again as "brand new". Talked with service and they've said this is pure cosmetics and if there are no visible defects on photos then it's perfectly acceptable and don't require further service.

  • @Stigosaurus rex I'm sorry to hear that. Due to your location, please contact your reseller and send your device to them if possible. I'll send you a PM with some follow-up questions about your device as well.

  • I was contacted by Asus assistance, they told me that due to privacy issues they cannot tell me what happened to my Zenfone 8 but they can only tell the seller !!!! I'm speechless !!!!

  • This is my point all along, why can't we customers know what caused our phones to die? We have the right to know since we bought that phone!

    Just come clean Asus, if you have done nothing wrong there is nothing to hide!

    This is very normal and to be denied this information is very frustrating!

  • Will you be continuing to use this phone or will sell it off? If you intend to continue using it please let us know how's the phone performing. We hope it doesn't die again

  • For me, there were no explanations on the service protocol, only information about the motherboard change AND the main camera module replacement because some imperfections were visible (I did not notice it when I had the phone at home, so I can suspect that something could have happened during the motherboard replacement) so I have no reason to complain about the quality of service (Poland) beyond the waiting time for spare parts (there should be some stock locally).

    Unfortunately I am still living in fear of another ramdump... Asus, you don't care about my mental condition.

  • @Gustav_ASUS surely this can't be right. Not only are we dealing with a very disruptive hardware issue, but now we are also having to deal with the anxieties of our phones coming back with poor cosmetic condition. Is this acceptable?

  • I agree, but Asus aren't going to come clean on this one abs in the mean time the numbers of those affected are going up. I'm wondering at what point is Asus going to officially deal with this and do the right thing, to call for a recall as daily the numbers are going 👆! Also there are others who do not bother to come on forums to raise issues online, so I suspect the numbers should be way more than the 17!

  • I'm not having any plans for selling the phone right now but I will make sure that I enable all the backups that I can within the phone apps :D

    I also forgot to mention that they took of my foil from screen (50PLN ~ 12,83USD) and they said it was ok to do so because of warranty terms when you are returning phone for repair. A little bit strange because they left the foil on camera lens.

    To sum up I've lost some money and need to test if my cameras are ok.

  • Hello,

    My 4 months old Asus Zenfone8 just stopped working and I got that message with Waiting on flashing full ramdump.

    After a little bit of search and reading all the comments, it seems like I'm out of luck. Basically my 2FA that I've got on the phone are gone from what I understand... It's really bad that Asus is not taking this matter seriously and saying what is going on as to help people try prevent this from happening.

    Anyway, I really think Asus should change their customer support way of handling this stuff, but who am I to say that?!

  • Sorry for your loss buddy. Join the club. We upto 18 of us now with this issue!

  • Im pretty sure its more than 18, maybe hundred. We just dont know anything, cause asus refuse to tell anything.

  • I am on team oneplus again and im still here. Haha. I am curious how this issue goes. I am still judging asus as a brand.

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    That's a relief. The ZenFone 8 flip is the phone I was about to upgrade to, until this problem reared its ugly head, . I am glad to hear the ZenFone 8 flip,so far is not affected.

    PS I feel for my brothers and sisters though $1200 au is a lot of money in anyone's language . One would expect more

  • Hi all, another Zenfone 8 bricked here. This morning "waiting for flashing full ramdump" in My Zenfone 8/128 bought at day one.

    Will call Asus for assistance on monday but I will ask for a full refund or I will open a lawsuit as I had for my ZenBook (full refunded) a couple of months ago

    any question @Irene2_ASUS ?

  • We now have 19 cases that we know off, definitely this phone is faulty and I think Asus should do the right thing and recall this faulty phone. It don't matter if its the 128 /256 variant they're all affected. Please don't buy this phone otherwise you'll end up here! Mine was picked up on the 7th of September, still no update. Could be weeks if not months without the phone, what a waste!

  • The silence is deafening from Asus lol.

    Anyway I don't want to waste any more time commenting on this thread, I've said my piece and have not gotten any satisfactory response from Asus or the mods.

    I have instead brought this subject out to public and raise awareness by posting my reviews on different mainstream platforms. I would now like to ask my bros and sis if they know anymore reputable platforms to share aside from GSM Arena, Android Authority and Android Police? Also anyone know any tech influencers that we can reach out to?

  • Yes I agree, we need to bring word out there as this isn't acceptable.

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