File manager crashing after last update

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File manager is repeatedly crashing when i deleting or copying something on sdcard but it is working fine in internal storage after the last update so i can't do anything on sdcard pls fix this


  • Anyone confirm this please.. @Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS @ColorSage @kikoly @_jis_
  • Unfortunately I can't confirm. I did some tests and everything copied/moved/deleted from MicroSD finished that successfully. Do other file managers crash or just built-in one? I use Solid Explorer mostly.
  • Can you test in safe mode? Is there any improvement in plugging or unplugging the SD card or replacing the SD card?
  • It is saying permission denied where can i grant permission i use the built in one
  • It is saying permission denied where can i grant permission i use the built in one
    Can you provide a screenshot?
  • Something like this can happen when you have a SD Card with bad sectors. Please try another card to see if it behaves in the same way
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    I use Asus File Manager on Nokia 6.1. I used the app on my earlier Asus phones, but Asus became expensive, and I had to buy Nokia.

    The File Manager app keeps shutting down. I have cleaned the cache many times, but the issue is unresolved.

    Kindly suggest a solution

  • Asus file manager crashing for me because password used for encryption is not passed through correctly.


    If you use and bio authentication like finger print don't use to log on to the phone. You don't have to remove finger print. Just log on to the phone using your pin or password then open Asus file manager and it should work.

    Found that by looking at the error log and it gave me a hint.

    Hope that helps. Good luck.

  • Me too.. after update the Asus file manager for internal storage fine.. but it not support otg & sdcard.

    I have no idea.

    Can get more info in update or may setting to fix..?

    Thank you.

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