PRIME A320M-K Motherboard with many troubles

 Unfortunately I made a mistake buying an ASUS prime a320m-k Motherboard.

Shortly after buying, problems and headaches started.

First failures were in the post (initial screen) sequences and reseting constantly without being able to boot.

Reseller changed motherboard to a new one (I suppose have done because I didn’t take serial number of first board), failures continued sporadically but with new failure were took 2 minutes or longer to longer to allow to start OS loads, must turned off and on until get success to started.

So I decided to contact Asus getting answer motherboard had a 2-year warranty and recommended to change it, so I complained to reseller without getting any response (probably they don't have any ASUS motherboards in stock).

On these days it happens a more serious problem, were appears BSOD screen (Blue Screen Of the Death) so I thought is a Windows problem but investigating, I found problems origin at hardware issue.

Yes, another ASUS motherboard failure and more serious, I asked again to ASUS with an answering self-answer indicating “would respond to me within 48 hours” and until now more than 48 hours have passed without any response.

Evident ASUS has manufactured a defective product with a lot of failures (if search on any engine and it could find a lot of reporter troubles with ASUS motherboard) where ASUS recommended to change with the same product which has much more worse flaws.

Unfortunately all this unsolvable troubles have made motherboard warranty period have expiring, without any answer or stop becoming more troubles.

Any concerned development or production defective or quality failure it seems doesn’t take any care about it, even if customers trust or choose to buy ASUS products.  



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