Zenbook 14 UX3402ZA KN225W no number pad

Kiwi95Kiwi95 Level 1
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Hi , it showed on the picture when I ordered there was a numberpad but there is no symbol on the trackpad. What do I do? Really disappointed if it doesn't have it for a i7 laptop

Also I thought its 1tb ssd pci e 4.0 but the box says pci e 3.0.


  • As I took a look for your model at Thailand Asus web site, I found that there are two models (i7 and i5).

    I found something strange at the Camera section:

    720p HD camera

    1080p FHD camera

    According to the order, the 720 HD should apply to the i7 model and the 1080 FHD to the i5 model. I was surprised because the i7 model is more expensive but it is equiped with 720p HD!

  • @Kiwi95

    If you have doubts about the specifications of the product you have purchased, I would suggest you report to the dealer to confirm whether it can be returned or exchanged. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

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