Twin Apps causing Android System Webview error

A couple of days ago, my phone automatically updated Android System Webview and following that update it seemed like multiple apps that rely on the program kept crashing.

I tried to find solutions online and found nothing. But eventually I kinda found the fix even though I don't know how it happened in the first place.

TLDR is I found out from developer settings that when I click on "Webview implementation" it said that Webview was "uninstalled for user Twin Apps". This is where I got my suspicion on Twin Apps.

After I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Webview without results, I tried uninstalling all Twin Apps apps.

Et voila! Everything was back to normal. Even when I reinstalled all Twin Apps apps, the error thankfully didn't come back.

So, if any of you encountered the error, now you know what to do!



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