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the Zenbook Duo UX482E doesn't have the Numpad integrated in the touchpad. However, there is one from ScreenXpert than can be shown on the secondary screen. My problem is, that this Numpad does not simulate the specific Numpad keys (e.g. NumPad1, NumPad2 etc.) but only the normal Number.

Some programs (e.g. Blender) make use of specific NumPad Shortcuts and thouse cannot be used with the virtual Numpad.

Is there a possibility to fix this or will there be an update in future? I don't want to use another virtual NumPad because it is very convenient to open it via the hovering ScreenXpert.

Thanks in advance!


  • @Malmatth

    I will feedback your suggestion to relevant units.

    Your valuable advice will be included in future design and optimization considerations.

    Thank you. 

  • I do agree with both of you.

    When I activate number key on screenpad and press on a number, there is nothing happen to Blender in main screen. But when I press on a physical number key, Blender responds immediately. I wonder why the number key is not effective for all programs!!!

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