MediaTek MT7921 network keeps restarting/reconnecting and cant connect to 5g

2 weeks bought

Asus TUF gaming f15

win 11


  • Device manager

turning off power management

advanced, changing from ax to n

preferred band 5g

transmit power level, highest

disabled U-APSD support

turned off both magic packet and pattern match

Updating the driver itself

reintalling both Realtek PCIe and Mediatek MT7921

Disabling and enabling

Downloading drivers base from my specifications

Downloading similar products from similar category

Mine is FX506LHB




From Lenevo latest wifi 6 support

Reseting Wfi router and checked if it has wifi 5 capability by testing it on other laptop and my phone

Resetting network in the settings


Turning the fast boot off

turned off network stack

turning it on and uncheck ipv4 and ipv6 and tried the 5 possibilities

Updating the bios from the official Asus

Using thid party and Asus official myAsus application

Nothing is working. Wifi keeps reseting at least 5 times every 1 hour. Its so annoying, I am considering giving it back and just replace if their is no solution. Please help if you got anymore in mind



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