Zenfone 9 call speaker issue

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Hi, I have an issue with the speaker option when I'm on a call. If I press the speaker option all the sound goes and I can't hear anything. I tested it with my friends phone and they can hear me fine but I can't hear anything. I assume this is a software bug. Please fix this.

The speakers work fine otherwise and this issue only happens if the speaker option is selected during a call. Nothing restores the sound again except hanging up and calling again.



  • ok thanks for ignoring my message devs.

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    Hey @devilcat_7! Thanks for bringing this to our notice. Can you please share your firmware version?

  • DiogoSaDiogoSa Level 1

    I'm having a similar issue with the speakers right out of the box. It just arrived today and every calls that I had, when I tried to turn the speakers on, the person on the other side would instantly stop hearing me.

    It's currently running android 12 on the latest update 32.2004.2004.59

  • efkoefko Level 1

    latest update is WW-32.2030.2030.26

  • DiogoSaDiogoSa Level 1

    That's a bummer, my device says there are no updates available after the 32.2004.2004.59.

    Are you aware of different update releases for the same devices? Or any other reasons for the updates coming later to others?

  • DiogoSaDiogoSa Level 1

    The update showed up today and it fixed the issue.

  • I also had the same issue. Not sure is it the software or my sim card being too old (10 years). I might replace my sim card this weekend, but after I found this post, this could be firmware issue

    My current firmware says it's up to date based in Android 12 32.2004.2004.59 and im living in Malaysia.

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    and i still haven't this firmware update. Not sure how it works for firmware update on phones cause I thought it will be released on all device at the same time, but i guess i will wait for this firmware update and hopefully it will fix the problem.

  • Having the same issue.

    Incoming sounds disappear upon toggling to Speaker. Toggling back isn't fixing the problem.

  • efkoefko Level 1

    I have the latest software WW-32.2030.2030.26

    and the problem persists. For a while I thought it was caused by bluetooth, but even when I have both bluetooth and wifi turned off, the problem persists.

    In addition, 8/10 people I talk to on the phone complain that they can't hear me well!

  • Mam tak samo - kiedy dzwonię do kogoś, słyszę rozmówcę z szumem w tle. Po odebraniu połączenia przez pierwsze 1-3 sekund nic nie słyszę w słuchawce, następnie mogę rozmawiać jednak z powyższym problemem. Dodatkowo jak ktoś do mnie dzwoni to dźwięk dzwonka jest przerywany w pierwszych 3 sekundach. Kolejno podczas wybierania połączenia, w momencie wybrania rozmowy przez głośnik, telefon sam zamienia rozmowę prowadzoną przez słuchawkę po podjęciu połączenia. Mam wersję oprogramowania 32.2030.2030.26 i nie naprawia ona powyższego błędu.

  • I've got the same software version and the similar issue with the call speaker. A lot of noises on phone calls or VoIP calls especially when volume is reduced. The problem doesn't exist on headphones connected via jack.

    It sounds like quantization noise of low bit depth signal - software issue.

    Please fix!

  • Hi, I am on a WW-32.2030.2030.26 and today a similar problem arose for me.

    I picked up the phone, switched to speaker and heard nothing. The caller could hear me. We hung up, he called back I heard him for a second before I switched to the speaker and on the speaker I heard nothing anymore. After a while I called myself from the other phone and there was no sound at all. Even before switching to the speaker. I also have a smartwatch connected via bt, switching to it did not produce sound either. I made sure the phone was not muted after I restarted it. The problem has disappeared so far. I have had the phone for a week and this is the first time the problem has occurred.

  • Hey Guys,

    Same as the person above... Having the same issue, speaker function won't work if I do after the call started. If I do exactly before the call, then it will work, if I do after a sound happened the it won't work...

  • I have the same problem as everyone.

    Once I start a call I cannot switch to speakerphone or vice versa.

    Is too important this function.

    I opened a ticket with asus, but they replied that they were unable to replicate the problem.

    This is not acceptable!

    Please update the firmware as soon as possible

  • This is still a thing, hm?

    This really is bothersome.

    Is this issue being address by ASUS?

    I love how this is a consumer self help group, but I don't think this will be solved outside ASUS themselves.

    Can we get an answer from somebody official if this is being worked on?

    It's quite an essential feature in every phone It especially shouldn't be a problem in model of this price range!

    Please, at least talk to your customers!

  • Hello!

    It looked like the issue was resolved by the latest firmware but are you still having the same issue?

    I will take a look at it and send a message to R&D.

  • @Mattias_ASUS yes, as I said before I am on WW-32.2030.2030.26 and I have this problem.

    Also today I picked up a phone call, switched to the speaker and I could hear the other side on the speaker but he couldn't hear me.

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