ZenWIFI AX (XT8) mesh firmware - intermittent drops and speed issue

jchjch Level 1
  1. Model: ZenWIFI AX (XT8) firmware
  2. Frequency of occurrence: very


Detailed description:I've been a loyal Asus customer, this is my 5th Asus router, but this XT8 is by far the worst firmware quality ever!

Paid over $500 for a mesh wifi that sucks

Upgraded to the new firmware recently, released on 2022/08/04, version

Wifi keeps dropping all my home devices (laptop, tv, ipad, iphone) on 2.4G or 5G and having poor connection speed (I'm on 1000 mbps)

Connected to my router directly no issue, connected back to XT8 mesh, went back to drop and poor speed, I have to reinstall back to my previous older firmware to avoid these issues

Terrible and more than disappointed


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