"Check System Power error: Please Plug in AC Adapter" Error message Pop up

  1. System: Windows 11
  2. Battery or AC: Unable to charge battery and power adaptor is working fine
  3. Model: Asus Zenbook 14 OLED UX3402Z-AKM494WS
  4. Frequency of occurrence: First time encounter (own the laptop for 2 days)
  5. Reset OS: Brand new laptop (got it for 2 days only and used it for half a day)
  6. Screenshot or video: unable to capture screenshot before battery went flat


Detailed description:

Hi folks,

Got an error message pop up "Check System Power error: Please Plug in AC Adapter" and that time the battery level was less than 20%. Was trying to find a solution and checking everything which I can think off. When battery level reach 10%. I found out it was the Bios file bad and need a good one but is too late to update it cause the battery level was to low and by the time I downloaded the updated bios file from my desktop. The battery was flat and the laptop wouldn't start up even the power adaptor is plug in. I think I will need be send it to the Asus Service Centre since I can't start up the laptop or fix it myself. Any thought?


  • Do battery calibration, let battery power completely drains off, and make sure the laptop should not on, after that remove all external devices including USB devices, then charge battery up to 30 minutes , after that switch on laptop, go to bios, reset bios settings to default.

  • Hi folks,

    The issue had been resolved. To make the long story short, I used a 50000mAh 185Wh power bank(just got it yesterday) with a type-c port to charge the battery for a couple of hours. Once the battery is above 60%, start up the laptop and updated the bad Asus firmware file to a good one. Next uninstall and reinstall the Microsoft AC adaptor driver. Everything back to normal. Thanks and appreciate for the suggestion. Cheers!!!

  • JimmywickJimmywick Level 1

    This EzFlash in ASUS BIOS Utility error on ASUS Laptop, these means your laptop wants a new BIOS update. Follow the steps to upgrade your ASUS BIOS ROM:

    Power on your ASUS Laptop.

    At the display of the ASUS BIOS error message, Plugin the Power Cord to your Laptop.

    Then Click on “Ok” to upgrade BIOS.

    Once the upgrade is completed, the windows will reboot automatically.

    Now, everything works fine.

    If the BIOS update takes huge time, then follow the below steps manually.

    On your ASUS Laptop, Launch WinFlash software.

    Now, Click on Yes to start the BIOS Flash Program.

    On WinFlash window, choose the “Next” option.

    Now, Click on the “Update” option.

    Wait till the BIOS update process gets completed.

    After the update, click on the “Exit” option for auto-reboot and continue with the windows screen.


    J Wick

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