Fairly new Laptop and download speed is very slow compared

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I have only had my laptop for less than a year.

Recently the download speed has become very slow when compared to doing the same task on other laptops.

I have scanned through windows defender for Malware.

Cleared cache many times.

And searched google for help but I cannot find a fix to this change and am really hoping someone can assist in this frustrating matter.

Reports or images that usually took a few minutes to download now takes 20-40x longer.


  • @Jason_1974

    Have you tried connecting to other wireless networks? Or have you removed and reinstalled the wireless network driver? If your laptop is connected to another wireless network, is the network speed just as slow? Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

  • Jason_1974Jason_1974 Level 1

    Many thanks for the reply and advise.

    I have uninstalled and installed driver again and will do some testing to see if that sorted the issue out.

    And provide feedback.

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