I have an average laptop but it has poor performance.How can I fix it?

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  1. System: Win11
  2. Model: ASUS VivoBook S435
  3. RAM:8gb
  4. Storage:512gb
  5. CPU: Intel i5 1135g7
  6. GPU:Intel Iris Xe


Detailed description:

My laptop has some issues to do with performance. Every time I open something, even like a web browser, the fans start turning on. Are their other possible programs which are causing this?


Performance has been a big issue for games. Even a game like Fortnite is unplayable (like 10-20 fps on extremely bad graphics). This laptop was meant to be average but because of what I've seen on performance, it's not doing so well.

Some people suspect it because I only have 128mb of Vram:

I'm not sure what the problem is for really bad performance but is there a way to fix this?Or am I wrong, was this laptop meant to perform this way?

Thank you


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    Your laptop currently installed 8GB ram memory and shared graphics memory is less.

    Your processor is the high end is but it optimized for notebooks only and not for desktops.

    Could you tell me how much free space is available in the Windows partition?

    I suspect many applications are running background without your knowledge.

    so do the following

    1 use disk cleanup manager to clean all waste unwanted files.

    2 delete all possible tasks that are registered under task manager

    3 disable all startup items using task manager

    4 increase pagefile to minimum 30GB maximum 32GB

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