GPU fan stays at 0 RPM while gaming GPU fan not spinning

izayuhizayuh Level 1
  1. System: Win 10
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: UX563
  4. Frequency of Occurence: Almost every time
  5. Reset OS: Twice


Every time I boot up a game on my laptop, the gpu fan does not spin at all. For example, I usually run Valorant at a comfortable 160 fps normally but since this issue started occuring about a month ago it can barely run at 30 fps. I have my NVIDIA settings set to my integrated graphics card and I have monitored temperatures while in game showing that my GPU is being used, although my fan does not turn on.

I did a fan check up on MyASUS and the fan works just fine during that but goes back to a constant 0 RPM afterwards. I have reset OS twice already and it temporarily fixes the problem although recently it has been almost every boot up where my gpu fan just does not spin.

I have seen another discussion about this happening to their ASUS device:

anyone have any fix to this?

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