VivoBook Pro 17 N705FD GPU Fan NOT WORKING

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  1. System: Win 10
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: N705FD
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Almost every time
  5. Reset OS: Five times in last two years
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:

For some reason GPU fan is not working every time. To be fair - it works two out of ten times. If I restart my pc - it will not work after that. The only way to get it back is to power it off and wait couple of hours...

The problem is THE SAME AS WITH TUF!!! Same as here:

Asus replaced my fan, I've tried disabling every little thing software wise - the problem still persists. I've disabled every Asus Service - the problem still persists. I've disabled fast startup in windows - the problem still persists...

It is like that since the beginning. My warranty is running out in two weeks and the problem is still not solved. What to do?!


  • take your laptop to nearest Asus service center, ask technician to check fan.

  • The fan was already replaced by the Asus service center. The problem is not with the hardware itself, but with some of the Asus software or BIOS.

    If I install fresh OS on it - it will work a few times, but as soon as I restart or go to sleep mode - it will fail after that.

    I forgot to mention that the same problem can be replicated on other Asus VivoBook N705 machines with GTX 1050 cards. I am lucky enough that my colleague has the same machine and I am able to reproduce the same problem on his machine. He never noticed it because he never uses it for anything 3D or video intensive work. On the other hand, I use it a lot for video editing and that's how I noticed it...

    I have a paper from Asus service that says that the fan is replaced and that everything else is fine with it (they tested motherboard and power supply).

    Believe me when I say that there is some bios or software problem. I've installed fresh OS at least 5 times on this machine only to get the fan working.


    They got their BIOS update because a lot of users complained. A lot of users noticed it because it is a laptop marketed to gaming audience. You see it straight away that the machine is putting out 10fps but should be getting 60+ fps that was getting yesterday...

    On VivoBook there is the same problem but it went unnoticed since it is not a laptop marketed at gaming audience. Much harder to notice that the GPU fan is not working if people are buying mainly it to work in MS Offfice...

  • I've partially fixed my problem by disabling sleep mode and fast startup. That way, my GPU fan will work if I cold boot the machine (meaning the first start on that day). If I restart - it definitely wont work anymore. Then it is either fresh OS install, if I need it in a hurry, or wait a couple of hours (probably for some register to clean/reset itself since I cannot remove the battery to make a "soft reset" by draining the power from it).

    All in all - I'm 90% sure that there is some BIOS problem that went unnoticed till now.

  • you fixed the problem by yourself and learnt how to troubleshoot.

    so close this discussion now

  • WTF dude? Do you even read the posts or do you answer just for fun?

    Who the hell are you anyway? I'm seeing you everywhere - from Microsoft Community forums till this one. You have too much spare time on your hands so you reply to other people problems on official forums?

    Do you work for Asus? Are you paid to do this? Will you fix my machine? Will you create a new bios?

    Please, stop replying to my posts since you are not helping at all. Please, let the Asus team do their job and answer a question. I bought my machine from Asus, not from RAJU.MSC.MATHEMATICS. I'm asking a direct question to Asus team since they are the ones who can help and fix this problem. NOT YOU!

    My problem is NOT FIXED. Read the post again if you didn't get it the first time...

  • i not work for asus. I do not paid from anyone. I cannot create bios.

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    @Blake_ASUS , @Laura_ASUS , @Blake_ASUS , @Anders_ASUS , @Kris_ASUS

    Please guys, my problem is not solved. For some reason this thread has almost 500 views while others have barely 20 views. Probably because a lot of users search on Google about VivoBook fan problems while I'm the only one who wrote a post about it...

    I left my notebook on monday at the service center. They have returned it today and they say that everything seems fine. They said that the fan is working, motherboard is ok, power supply is ok. Nevertheless, If I restart it - fan will stop working. Today I installed fresh OS again just to get a reality check - fan started to work again.

    Raju keeps commenting on this and he is not helping at all. Issue is not fixed and I will not close the thread unless someone from Asus replies to me.

    Please check your BIOSes and compare them with the ones from TUF with GTX 1050. I'm pretty sure that you will find some problems that occur on both machines.

    Thank you in advance for reading my problems and sorry for taking you precious time.

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