Nvidia GPU Compatibility as external GPU via Thunderbolt 4

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  1. System: x64 Windows 11
  2. Battery or AC: Battery
  3. Model: Zenbook UX371EA
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You mentioned that only a few GPUs are compatible as external devices. I need to connect my laptop with an NVIDIA GPU External via Thunderbolt 4. Can you please provide a list of potential compatible GPUs? I need a minimum performance of NVIDA GTX 1050TI and an optimal performance of GTX 1080Ti in both cases performance for PC cards. Thanks.




  • @Daniel8855

    If you want to purchase an external graphics card to use, please confirm the supported specifications of the external graphics card. Or please tell me the model of the external graphics card you want to buy for confirmation. Thank you.

  • Not sure if it helps but I have the UX482EG which has TB4 and an Nvidia MX450 GPU already. I plugged it into a Razer Core X Chroma with a GTX 1070 and use it for gaming and rendering quite often without a single hiccup.

    The only downside is needing to manually enable or disable the EGPU in order to unplug the cable because it doesn't do it automatically.

  • Thanks so much for your feecback. It is good to know. My framework just have an Iris GPU however in order to keep portability just wanted to plug an external Nvidia GPU alone and not a full PC. Thanks again.

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