White spots on the screen, appearing from nowhere, ZenBook 14

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I am writing here as I have an issue with the screen of my ZenBook 14, bought in 2021. I have been noticing white dots appearing on the screen from literally no where for the last year. I always took good care of my computer, but the first dot I treated as some 'mechanical damage' even if it was almost not possible that I made this dot on the screen. I bought my Zenbook less than one year ago, and the first dot appeared around 1 month after buying it. After another month, another white dot appeared on the other side of the screen and it started annoying me, but I could not do anything about that as currently, I live abroad, so I could not go to the service in the country where I have bought the computer. However, I recently have noticed another dot appearing on my screen and I am 100% sure that it has nothing to do with mechanical damage, as I am extremely careful with this device. I have read on the internet that it might be an issue with the hardware of a computer - do you mind taking look at that? What should I do if I live currently in a different country (Finland) and this Zenbook was bought in Poland? Do you provide any international customer service? I am super annoyed with those dots so it would be amazing if you could help me with that. All the best.


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