Zenfone 8 disappointment about asus after sale service

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I bought a zenfone 8 in may of 2021 in Spain, the phone was good overall until i noticed an issue with autofocus on camera, i asked for rma and they told me that since i had unlocked bootloader they couldnt fix the phone under warranty, i called and explain that unlocked bootloader cant produce a hardware issue on camera, they fixed the phone at the end, later on december 2021 the phone suffered from ramdump issue overnight and since it runned out of battery it ended dead, like a lot of others post on this forum, again i asked for rma and again they refuse to repair because unlocked bootloader going agaisnt the European directive 1999/44/EC, since they have to prove that the unlocked bootloader was the cause, there a ton of users having deade zenfone 8 because motherboard issue, like with zenfone 6 which i had too. they are asking almost 550€ for the repair, thats almost the price of the phone. i refused the repair saying it was again the european directive.

At the end i will just avoid any asus product in the future, selling flagship phone with hardware issues every year and then blaming the users isnt the right way to do bussiness


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