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Zenfone 10: Disappointed by the mic recording performance.

Star I

I had the Zenfone 10(16 ram 512Gb) for 9months now.   My previous phone was a Zenfone 5z.    Is it just me or did the mic on the 5z do a better job than this one.  I like to record myself playing guitar and with my 5z the videos i got had super audio quality.   On the zenfone 10 it sounds ...  Wobbly. I dont know how to describe it.  I tried it with no effecton and with the hdr and other recording modes.    Or could it be the phone speakers or something? A setting i dont know ?  #zenfone10

Edit: after snooping on google a bit i found that it uses compression with loud recordings.  I bet that's what makes it sound wobbly bad .  Anyway to turn it off.? Or better yet, fix it? Am i the only one  who experiences this problem? 


Rising Star II

In my opinion quality of recordings are decent