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Why ZF8 has bad low light video performance on 3rd party apps

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Hello, I figured out why Zenfone 8 has bad lowlight video/camera performance on 3rd party apps.
I compared it to my Zenfone 6, 3 and my brother's Zenfone 4 and found out that the Zenfone 8's pictures and videos on 3rd party apps *mainly Snapchat* are WAY brighter than the others. For pictures, this is great because night pictures look good. But for videos, it's a problem because it causes the video to become laggy and streaky because the phone is trying to take in as much light as possible. Test video is below to show the lag/streaking of objects. Shot with Zenfone 8 with latest update.

Basically I think Asus tuned the camera to allow more light in on 3rd party apps. So it looks good when the phone is STATIONARY but as soon as you move the phone, the light in the video becomes streaky and laggy. If you compare my Zenfone 8 footage to the Zenfone 6 footage below, you can see this because the Zenfone 6 footage was far more darker in lower light than the Zenfone 8 because it doesn't try to brighten up the video/image as much. Hence why Zenfone 6 records smoother videos than the Zenfone 8 in lower light cause it's not overworking itself. I hope Asus can find a good like between good lower light performance and smooth video recording on 3rd party apps.
Zenfone 8 and 6 video comparison below.
@Gustav_ASUS @Kris_ASUS
I hope this is enough evidence for you guys to at least try to fix it like you did with the Zenfone 6. If you need any more videos please let me know.

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@off2fly115 Let's continue the discussion your earlier thread so we don't clutter the forum with duplicates. I'll close this one for now. 🙂