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Complete Zen Failure for support

Star I

After 7+ years of great whole-house mesh performance,  my main router finally failed.

Easy. replace with latest zen router right? Nope. Could not get a successful setup. After 6+ hours of attempting, re-attempting, re-re-attempting setup, requesting assistance from tech support, twice (both times I was referred to watching a you tube video that was not productive), an attempted phone tech support that I was connected to a foreign person that could not fathom that I had a first name and a surname and how to spell them separately, I have thrown in the customer towel! 

I really wanted to get back to great results with Asus. It is consistently rated "best" on the internet. I did not achieve this desire. I will be moving on to competitors (Google Aerio, T-link, something...) and returning the brand new useless equipment, probably at a financial loss, so that I can get my whole-house internet service back in order in a reasonable timeframe and setup duration. How disappointing. Please avoid Asus network mesh products at all costs as they are not willing to solve problems, only refer you to outside you tube videos that may or may not have any value (have you tried turning it off and back on?)

Sorry Asus, you blasted past the mark on this one!