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zenfone 10 no att 5g service

Star I

I'm looking to hear people's experience with att 5g on a zenfone 10. I have 4g lte but no 5g despite the phone supporting the bands and having the service in my area. ATT says that since the device isn't whitelisted that it's barred from their 5g service. I would normally just accept this but I have come across one or two posts saying that is does so I'm not sure what the issue might be. ATT is no help, as soon as they see that it's not on the whitelist of supported devices they "shutdown" the conversation.


Star III

My experience with AT&T is that they don’t like non white listed phones. Not having WiFi calling option is another example of that although there is a code to enable that, they don’t offer it as standard.
 I need to get to an area that actually has 5G to be able to test it. My 4G speed is faster than my home internet by a lot so I’m okay with just using that. 

Rising Star I

 I have 5g but missing WiFi calling; it works fine, no issues.  There's an app to download for visual voicemail which transcribes (from ATT).   I wouldn't recommend the phone though, we are stuck on Dec 2023 security update and it is hit or miss on when we get updates at all.