ASUS A7Jb laptop from 2008.

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Is it anyone who reads this who remember the old ASUS A7Jb or similar laptop models with TV tuner from 2008? So back then when I bought this laptop I didn't even know how to set up this function.

I'm interested to see if I can configure and set up the coax connection and TV tuner for it.

There's an ASUS antenna, different cables for TV connections, but I don't have this TV card for the slot on this laptop. Maybe that's what I never had from the begin with back then in 2008, and to make it fully functioning for TV stations.

Much of the drivers or software were more or less compatible only with Microsoft XP Professional or similar operative systems on this laptop, and compared to other systems after or before this. I'm just not sure what I'm missing when the configuration or set up fails in the Microsoft Media Center software.

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