New NVme, reinstalled windows 10, lots of things w. exclamation mark. Updated drivers from ASUS?

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Asus VivoBook X513EA

Windows 10

Hi all

I seem to have a big issue.

I upgraded the system drive to a Samsung 970 Evo Plus NVMe M.2 SSD 1TB and I loaded the Intel Storage drivers during the Win 10 install (else win 10 would not see the NVMe). The install seemed to go ok however the laptop seemed much slower to boot up than it did on the generic SSD that ASUS supplied with the machine.

I tried to go online to update drivers but there is no Network Adapter installed.

Went straight to device manager and its showing a lot of things with the exclamation mark.

I went to the ASUS downloads page for the VivoBook X513EA and download the latest version of every driver on there and installed them but everything with an exclamation mark remains.

I attach a screen shot from my device manager.

I am at a complete loss so does anyone have any suggestions?


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