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Unbelievable frame drops/microstutters in super light games

Star I

So I have ROG Strix G16 i9 13th + RTX4070 + 32GB + Samsung Evo 990.

Every two to three seconds, for about 0.1 sec the refresh rate drops significantly from constant 165 to a mere 30 or sometimes 10/1 FPS. What's weird is that it happens so often at all games including super undemanding games, like Paladins playing on medium or Fortnite playing on DLSS with everything off (shadows off textures low etc)

It interrupts the fludity of the game and actually makes me dizzy after a round or two, it's like having microstutters or very uncoordinated screen-to-eye refresh rate experience.

This occurred about a month ago, I've had this laptop for 3 months.

GPU has good temps, reinstalled drivers, updated windows, windows 11, deleted Armory and used Ghelper, got back to Armory, monitored GPU Temps, not more than 65C, but CPU temps hit 82 C.

Nothing changed since this problem started occurring.

What could be the reason? The reason I got sich specs is that I could experience more fluid gameplay.



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