Problem with Zenbook 14 fans/battery after win 11/bios update

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Good evening.

I'm the owner of a Zenbook 14 UM425 with a Ryzen 7 4700U. Last week i installed windows 11 and the update of the bios and since then the fans started to work improperly, revving up for no specific reason. They even work when the computer is in state of suspension. For three times in a week i found the pc with the battery completely dead after i suspended it with about 30% of charge remaining. The last time it happened it was in his case in state of suspension for like 15 minutes, and when i took it out of the case i found out it was litterally melting... before the update i had never noticed such things... The worst part is that yesterday i set the hibernation whenever i close the lid so that the fans should not start to work (since the pc is basically turned off) and today it happened again... I replaced the pc iin his cover with about 25 % of the battery and 2 hours later, when i tried to turn it on the battery was dead.. What should i do? i'm so worried because the pc is only 4 months old and before the updates it never had such problems


  • Hello Gabriele,

    Can you enter BIOS and load default setting again?

    And if the problem continues, would you mind to roll back to Win10 first to see if everything goes back to normal?

    Thank you.

  • After flashing of new bios firmware to laptop, we must do to load default settings in bios.

  • Good evening, thanks for your answer.

    I downloaded every driver upgrade and the new amd chipset and i also loaded the default settings on the BIOS but the problem doesn't seem to go away... i think that it depends on the standby mode which for some reason isn't working properly... everytime i put it back in the case i wait for the fans to stop but after some minutes the computer wakes by itself... my suspect was confirmed today when i suspended it without closing the lid and after about 10 minutes i found the screen on. I didn't want to switch back to windows 10 because i'm quite busy lately but it seems the only option. I'm also afraid that this problem will never go away even with the future upgrades since i haven't found anyone with the same issues as mine by now. What should i do?

    Thanks again

  • Hello Gabriele,

    Then are you able to generate sleep report or power study report and let's see what wakes your laptop up?

    Thank you.

  • I made the sleep study report and this is the screenshot of one of the times when it overheated. It says that it is in state of "screen off" and not in sleep mode. I don't know if there are any differences because i chose the pc is setted to be put in sleep mode whenever i close its lid. The sleep study didn't report any other useful information other than this one. Could the problem be that the pc isn't correctly "sleeping"? How can i solve it?

  • I also noticed on the sleep state report that when i close the lid the laptop goes in state of "screen off" and after a few seconds it goes in proper sleep mode, but this hasn't happened the last time the pc overheated, in fact, as you can see from the image, it directly passes from "screen off" state to "bugcheck" state, which is due to the forced reboot i had to do pressing the power button, since the pc was burning and couldn't wake from the sleep mode

  • Hello Gabriele,

    Looks like an app is working in the background from time to time.

    How about if you change the sleep mode to hibernate? it might take longer time to wake up the laptop but it might reduce the frequency of not entering to hibernate.

    And can you try in safe mode to see if the same issue happen?

    And you can consider if you want to reset the device again.

    Thank you.

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    Hello! unfortunately i already resetted the laptop but it wasn't useful because the same issue appeared even without any program or app installed and as you can read here i also already tried to set the hybernation mode. i really don't know what to do! i basically tried everything but i don't want to switch back to windows 10, i'm paying more attention turning the device off whenever i put it in the case but i would like to solve the problem once for all... i'm scared that, since i haven't read of any problem like this, an eventual upgrade wouldn't be able to solve it

  • Quick update: i am almost sure that the problem occurs when i keep the laptop in my backpack (and inside its cover).

  • Hello Gabriele,

    I'm not sure....if your laptop successfully enter sleep or hibernate, then putting in to the backpack would not make a difference with not putting in to backpack.

    It is true that if your laptop did not go to sleep, putting it into the backpack would easily caused overheating.

    So the problem would still be your laptop couldn't go to sleep or being waken up by something else.

    Are you connected to any external device? even wireless one or bluetooth?

    Thank you.

  • Yes sometimes i use a bluetooth mouse, i will pay more attention in order to understand if there is a correllation. Is it possible that the pc remains woke because of it?

  • Hello Gabriele,

    Yes, possible.

    try to disconnect the bluetooth or turn off the mouse when you left the laptop.

    Thank you.

  • Hello Blake, unfortunately it didn't work 😔

  • Hello Gabriele,

    Please check your PM.

    Thank you.

  • Hello,

    I have exactly the same problem. i bought a new Zenbook UM425 less than 2 months ago and when I close the lid the battery just drains. I just closed it and went to use it again and it was really hot and the fan was on.

    I’m not sure if it’s after installing windows 11, I did that almost straight away but it could be that.

    I opened the lid of my old Asus a couple of weeks after buying the new one and it still had full battery!

  • Hello Daisy,

    May I know your BIOS version?

    And please try to enter sleep mode in another way, like put it to idle and let it go to sleep mode itself,

    or pressing power button (but don't close the lid)

    and how is the frequency of the issue?

    Thank you.

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