Asus Viviobook S15 532F 7i (8th Gen) Adding 2nd External Monitor (not working)

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Bought two different hubs USB c type hubs and non worked,

Non of these works with HDMI all the other USBs connectors works and i have tried 5 different things and 30 hours of searching. I was on team view with a techy from my office and, this monting was online with Microsoft assist o n TeamView (the microsoft teamview version) and they couldnt fine an issue. Still doesnt work. Its either my windows or my laptop or my USB C-type can do video. I sent the more expensive hub back. they are both plug and play so don't need drivers, or if i needed drivers i sure searched for them. I have now ordered a USB 3.0 to HDMI it should on Wednesday! i only found this site today! Perhaps someone could advise.😀

Perhaps I need windows PRO as i have Windows Home??? Or maybe the ctype on this model laptop just does take the additional monitor which i find crazy. Has anyone had this issue before?


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