Headphones with microphone issue

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Hi users,

I have a problem with my Asus Zenphone 8. Every time when I connect headphones with a microphone and make a call so my Zenfone 8 after some minute or two shut down. It is very inconvenienced because the person on the other side is confused and me either.

Appears this problem to someone ??? Thanks, Lukas



  • Yes that is the same problem .... Thanks man 🙂

  • HI @luksaboss @jakislogin2,

    Are you still encountering this issue after the latest release that came out last week 51.103?

    If you are still facing this issue we will take a closer look at what's happening.

  • I have alike issue, when headphones are connected then microphone is not working in Asus Zenfone8.

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    Having this same issue on latest firmware ( Using headset with mic on any call, phone will shut down somewhere in the range of 60secs to 3mins in the middle of the call.

    (edit to add: just confirmed on the update today (9/2),, that this issue still persists)

  • I am the reporter of the thread you linked. I got the motherboard replaced and the phone was returned to me this weekend, but the issue seems to persist.

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