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Face unlock and smart button

I'm using the smart button. Pushing twice opens camera app.I'm also using face unlock.Pressing the smart button twice wakes up the phone and should start the camera app.Instead, it recognizes my face and goes to the home screen.

Timo_Vos by Rising Star I
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Low call volume

The speaker volume during call is low. At highest settings I could barely understand an emergency call.The settings below maximum are pointless. Please adjust this with a patch!Also outdoor mode don't work for the speaker volume.SW version: 30114160

laci_kara by Rising Star I
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Heating issues Asus ZenFone 8

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help: Phone heats up very quickly when using for light tasks ie Browing web pages, reading messages on what's app etcModel Name: Asus ZenFone 8Firmware Version: Rooted or not: NotFre...

Hide navigation bar like on Zenfone 5

Gesture navigation is awful because it messes up with in-app drawers and some gestures have really bad feedback. Having a navigation bar where you press buttons takes place on the screen.On my previous Zenfone 5z there was a perfect solution : you hi...

Outdoor speaker mode

When i turn on outdoor speakers mode the sound gets louder but seems to be bouncing around as if its cutting in and out when watching a youtube video of someone talking,the audio wizard is at its default setting of dynamic and turning the outdoor mod...

shazadz by Star III
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Any battery life improvements?

Are there going to be any battery life improvements?For now the battery life is very disappointing. I want to believe it's a software issue, but damn. I really like everything about this phone except it's power consumption. Before buying I kinda hope...

Speakerphone issue

Hi,When I'm on speakerphone or connected to my car via bluetooth the person I'm calling can hear themselves through the phone. Really loudly, so much so that sometimes they can't hear me speak.When on speakerphone it helps putting the phone on a soft...

Improvements on Always On Panel

Can you please add the possibility to select which app notifications will be shown in the AOP?Can you please show the calendar event of the day in the AOP?A wider selection of clocks would be appreciated.Thanks anyway, love the smartphone!