Charging problem with 3rd party charger

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Hey, i have some problems charging zenfone8 with Baseus GAN2 PRO 65w charger. If i connect the phone to the first type-c it will charge 1%, maybe 2% and it won't keep charging, however i see double thunderbolt icon next to the battery and its says its fastcharging on the lockscreen.

If i connect it to second type-c, it charges normally, but i think only 18W.

I'm using type-c cable capable of 100w charging via usb-PD



  • Apparently, hypercharge is proprietary so you won't get 30W charging on 3rd party charger only 18W

    Some other OEM or even laptop did the same thing for fast charging but it depend how many watt limitation they set for each device

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    Thanks, that helped a lot...

    If you're supporting a charging standard(USB power delivery, Quallcom quick charge or any other), it should work on other 3rd party chargers that support it too.

    Great answer Asus, that really convinced me that zenfone8 is the first and the last Asus phone i buy ever.

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  • As for the Zenfone 8 it supports PD 3.0 but the limit on 3rd party chargers might only be capped to 18W cos of proprietary hypercharge tech

    This is the case with many OEMs

  • Yeah, but im not complaining about 18w max charge speed, but the problem with 1st type-c slot on the charger. The phone must have some bug or trouble communicating correctly with the charger.

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    I used an Acer laptop 45w PD charger, a Dell monitor PD connected (no display support, just charging) and a car QC4 charger (can't remember the brand) and all worked great.

    So check with Baseus what is the difference between the two slots

    /update, I have checked it. Both type C slots are the same 60+ Watt. Only the total power is limited when more than one slots used, then the first one is limited to 45W the second to 18W but only when both used. So can not be the phone's fault if the first don't work.

  • There must me some bug with phone<>charger negotiations when comes to charging, phone just won't charge in the first port. I have another phone that charges fine on all ports with 18W fast charge its capable of.

  • You can have either one faulty it is up to you if You say the phone is.

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    I have the exact same model charger from the same manufacturer. I'm also having the exact same problem. The phone only charges about 3-5% if I attempt to charge via USB c. However, it is possible to have it charge normally by repeatedly plugging and unplugging it. It might then proceed to charge as normal during 1 of those tries. I've monitored the charging current, and it works normally until the current hits about 4A and it just stops. This combination suggests that it's some negotiation issue between phone and charger.

    I've tested combinations of original /3rd party cable / charger and I'm pretty sure that they work. This charger also works to fast charge a note 20 that is also specced for PD3 pps. It also properly powers a laptop and surface tablet. All this suggests that the Z8 is some how not negotiating correctly. Or somehow the other manufactures are more tolerant of faults.

    I can still charge it overnight via a slow USB port, but considering that something as basic as a charging protocol doesn't seem to work right. Colour me disappointed..

  • Any updates on this issue ASUS? I want to use 3rd party chargers with fast charging.

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    I wish all proprietary solutions willa be abandoned. For me PD is enough. But still think Asus should take a look at charger power negotiations - sth is wrong, shouldn't occur on PD charger.

    I confirm there is some issue on 1st port of that baseus charger with zf8.

    All that charging standards is a mess. I also noticed problem (not related to ZF8) with 3in1 cable on greencell charger - it does not allow fast charge... No problem on other charger...

    Ps. Maybe it is some issue between PD and Asus charging settings (steady charging) which affects negotiations with charger.

  • Similar problem with baseus CCYS-C01 car charger (usb-c socket is not working properly, disconnects charging)

  • Checked on blitzwolf 6 port charger (2x usbc). Usbc port works fine.

    Hmm. Looks like some unfortunate collision between Asus and baseus.

  • I had similar problems with the previous phone so in my opinion this is a Baseus problem, not Asus (but I may be wrong)

  • Hello Asus, any updates?

  • I have an update. Checked again that baseus charger and must say that it is a trash. Something with firmware presumably. Not able to fast charge two devices simultaneously. Fortunately I have still option to return it.

  • Am i gonna get any comment from ASUS? Hello?

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