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Charging problem with 3rd party charger

Rising Star I
Hey, i have some problems charging zenfone8 with Baseus GAN2 PRO 65w charger. If i connect the phone to the first type-c it will charge 1%, maybe 2% and it won't keep charging, however i see double thunderbolt icon next to the battery and its says its fastcharging on the lockscreen.
If i connect it to second type-c, it charges normally, but i think only 18W.
I'm using type-c cable capable of 100w charging via usb-PD

Star II
I guess because Baseus Gan2 sees the phone as QC5 compatible it will only try to output QC5 speeds even if it doesn't work and would work on QC4.... I'm so angry at asus for doing all of this. Coming from oneplus I am chocked to see how much asus is trying to control ppl's phone and letting no space to dev etc. This phone is an overall beast that could do so much more if Asus didn't decided to block everything! This is not even to mention that who ever unlock his phone is black listed and if RD happens this can be used against refunding even though it clearly goes again European Law and or per country law!!!!

Star II
I also have a Baseus charger with one USB-C and two USB-A connectors. USB-C is a bit more finicky because in addition to the voltage and current it also has to negotiate direction. Old cables have a predefined direction (host to peripheral) while USB-C has to establish that. An interesting thing that I found out a while ago is that USB PD can go up to 3A using any USB-C cable. So you can use a dumb cable for charging with up to 3A. Anything above that has to be advertised by the cable. So if your cable does more than 3A, say 5A (to be able to carry 100W) it cannot be a dumb cable, it has to have a chip that will advertise the higher capacity. That means that the cable will take part in the power negotiations between the devices. So that complicates those negotiations even further. In my experience when you have issues like that, try to use a dumb cable, one that can only carry 3A. That will simplify the negotiations and should be more than enough for ZF8, which if I remember correctly charges at 10V 3A max. Usually my phone charges fine using a Baseus with a 5A cable, but the stalled charging happened to me once too. I just switched to a 3A cable and charging went fine. It's a much more complex world now with USB-C cables. It's simple for the user, all ends are the same, both sides are the same. But in the background something has to compensate for that physical simplicity. Until the "charging format" war is over, don't expect all deviecs to be perfectly compatible with one another. Find out what's right for you and use that.

Star III
I have a few Baseus chargers which all work great for every device that supports Type-C charging (two Xiaomi phones, Lenovo laptop, Samsung Galaxy S20) and for some reason out of all of them only the Zenfone refuses to cahrge at any adequate speeds.

asus, please, address this issue, I really don't want to switch to LineageOS and dig into kernel again.

Rising Star II