Bad audio recording on third party camera apps

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Hello, just got my Zenfone 8 yesterday after owning a Zenfone 6 for 2 years, and I am loving it! However, I noticed that the mic/audio recorded in Snapchat and Instagram sounds a lot more muffled/quiet compared to the main camera app which sounds amazing. I had the same issue with the Zenfone 6 when it first came out and you guys quickly fixed it. Could you guys fix the mic issue for the Zenfone 8 as well? It's the same case for Snapchat and Instagram so I'm pretty sure all 3rd party apps have a quiet/muffled sounding mic bug. I will include 3 below. 1 Main camera, Snapchat and Instagram video each. Thanks!

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  • Hi @off2fly115

    Thanks for your information. I've submitted your issue to our developer team.

    We will update the status to you as soon as we get the feedback.

  • I did try to reproduce it but couldnt really get to a point where I could clearly discern between audio recorded by Instagram vs. Asus camera.

    The only thing I can think of, at this moment, is that the ASUS Camera is able to leverage the OZO audio tuning we have, making audio pickup 'better' (rather than Insta/Snap being "worse").

    However as Kris has replied, we've submitted the issue for study and further reproduction. Thanks!

  • Thanks for replying! And I thought abt what you said but The audio recorded on Snapchat/IG is extremely quiet nonetheless. I also own a Zenfone 6 and Zenfone 3 and this was the same issue on the Zenfone 6 when it first came out but you guys quickly fixed it after I mentioned it in the Zenfone 6 forums haha. I have recorded the exact same videos with Snapchat on the Zenfone 7 and 6 and the 8 is very quiet compared to the 6. I practically have to turn up my volume all the way to hear my voice depending on how loud I'm talking while this wasn't an issue with the Zenfone 6 after you guys fixed it. I use Snapchat and Instagram on the daily and I would know when the audio level doesn't sound right. Could you please run some more testing? Thanks and kindest regards. - Branden

  • Hi @off2fly115

    Thanks for your feedback. We will fix this issue in the upcoming update.

  • Thank you so much! I will be looking forward to the fix 😁

  • @off2fly115

    This issue should be fixed in the last update.

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