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i'm experiencing seriuos issue about battery, it's being constantly drained by cell standby with abnormal values. It's actually draining more than the display, that's unacceptable.

Can you please provide a fix/solution ?

Zenfone 8 - hardware and software details attached.



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    I second this.

    I have the same behavior, even under very good coverage.

  • In the past 18 hours, you've 18% of drain by standby.

    Another 9hours with AOD active.

    While I wont rule out any issues, it does not sound as bad as you make it out to be?

    In either way, to figure out your specific device drain - we need to log the device in order to know more - whether or not the standby is within expectations or not.

    @Anders_ASUS can assist in PM with logging procedure.

  • @CH_ASUS almost 20% of drain for cell stanby within 24h is not normal for sure. I come from ZenFone 6 and it never happened in 2 years. I dont' get the point about AOD, is it somehow connected to the cell standby drain ?

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    Maybe it's just a matter of presentation.

    After 2,5 days since a full charge, 3,5h SOT, 1,75h of Spotify, 0,5h of Waze (quite a very light use, as i have 2 phones), i think that after all, standby "drain" is very acceptable.

    Especially as the phone seems very sensitive to the networks (while at home / work i have very good coverage, i often go to remote aeras).

  • I noticed significant improvement with last .60 update. Last few days it used less than 0,5%/h screen off and less than 10% mobile in standby per day. I also disabled google auto backup few day ago, idk if that had any impact, or it was just update.

  • The .60 update does address certain scenarios causing more standy drain than expected - but whether or not it improves everyone's situation is hard to say as that is still highly dependent on how the device is actually being used (which apps, which features, which network, which signal condition, which brightness and so on).

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    Got abit better battery life today,i dont have 5g coverage by my network only 4g but i turned that to 3g and saw an improvement in battery life,will test this further

  • I did some more testing.

    I can confirm @shazadz's point, disabling 4G network made the battery last for almost 2 days (so basically double the time compared to the standard settings). So 4G management needs to be fixed for sure :

    But there's still something broken in the overall behaviour. At the and of the charging cycle, cell standby drained almost 50% of the whole charge, with big drops happening at night :

    Indeed, i had "scheduled power saving" feature enabled to work from 2:00AM to 6:59AM, so i suspect it to be the possible reason of the night drops (meh, it is supposed to save battery, not savage drain) :

    Other than that, i can't find any other processes or applications doing something different at night in particular, so the behaviour is still unclear.

    I'll do one more test disabling night power saving and see what happens.

    More infos/suggestions are always welcome.

  • There is something wrong. Or with your phone, or you have really bad 4G signal and phone is using a lot of power to stay connected. My phone used 30,5% in last 4 days on 4G. 50% for less than 2 days is a lot.

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    @pipsss81 i agree, there is something broken somewhere. I'm afraid it's phone-related because that behaviour never happened on my Zenfone 6, same location, same 4G coverage, same network provider, same android version :(

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    This is how my battery did last night on bedside table,i have 4g disabled using 3g/2g dual band wifi enabled,no battery saver or restrictions

  • Latest updates.

    I confirm that "scheduled power saving" was the cause of night-time cell standby battery drops. After disabling it the average drain during night was basically the same as the day-time. It is even more frustrating considering that feature was supposed to save battery, not the opposite. But meh, at least i've found the bug :

    Still remains the issue about 4G network which keeps draining in standby almost double than 2G/3G. Didn't try 5G because my provider doesn't support it but i'm afraid it would be supreme disaster considering what's actually happening with 4G.

    @ Asus Folks: any chances to have the 4G issue fixed by the next minor update ?

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    I don't agree, see below :

  • Sim1Sim1 Level 1

    18 hours SOT in 7 days? It's like 2.5 hours a day, again not that great

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    Where did you read 18 ?

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    AccuBattery gives an estimation of 9+ hours SOT on a single full charge.

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    You use SOT mostly to watch video. That is very low consumption task. You can watch 10h+ Youtube on a single charge easy. But when you are switching apps, play, use camera,... SOT drops fast.

    @Chris1: what estimated battery capacity show you accubattery?

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    That's my use, sincerely sorry !

    Fyi, i have the same use with my other mobile (A42 5G), 5000mAh, low specs and very renown for his low consumption (and for that one AccuBattery gives an estimate of... 13h SOT, not much more).

    Accubattery shows an estimated capacity of 3558mAh (89%), slightly increasing (third tile) and 3629 (first).

  • Hi

    Can you observe what the differences are when you use "scheduled power saving" vs. not - over a similar , fresh cycle?

    Could you help explain a bit more on how you observed this feature was causing the big drain for you?

    As for the 4G , it is really hard to narrow down if anything is wrong or not relating to the phone, or to network, or to a combination of events - a bug log would be the best way to start digging it. We'll have a moderator PM you with further steps if you would like to help us debug this scenario.

    @Anders_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS

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