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Heyo! Recently got the ROG Phone 3 Strix Tencent Edition (came flashed with WW firmware, unsupported config I know, but I have no issues, can't complain).

Couple questions, firstly can I disable the little vibration given off when using Gesture Navigation and swiping for recent apps without completely disabling vibration? I'm running the latest WW firmware, 17.0823.2012.122

And secondly, what's the best way to clean the speaker grills? I carry the phone in my pocket so over time the grills will for sure accumulate some dust.

Thanks for reading!


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    You can go to settings and type in Vibration intensity and you should see a slider where you can set the intensity of the vibration for haptic feedback. I don't think there's an option to enable/disable vibrations completely for each function though. And as for the speaker, i use a portable vacuum cleaner and replace the nozzle with an empty pen cartridge so the suction will be more concentrated on the tip of the pen. Then i run the pen over the grills like I'm drawing on them while playing down with the sickness at max volume on outdoor mode so the dirt loosens up due to the drum & bass vibrations. I do the same for the heat vent and ports as well.

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    Well for the first question, I think it's possible. Go to settings->accessibility->vibration and haptic strength. There you can disable the haptics for only touch systems. It'll still be turned on for Calls and notifications. Do give it a try. I'm not so sure of this.

    For the second option, Craven has given a nice solution. If you can't follow that install an application "Speaker Cleaner" developed by "Hoel Boedec" and run that with full volume by facing the phone backward.

  • Yeah I accidentally played a bass heavy song on max volume and found out that helps quite a bit with the cleaning lol

    As for the vibration, the Touch feedback setting is already turned off for me but the navigation gesture still gives off the vibration, so that's not it sadly. Thanks for the suggestions though!

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    @Costache Heads up that the latest available firmware version is 2012.131 for ROG Phone 3. Since you won't get FOTA updates with your configuration, I recommend you check the support page from time to time.

  • Ooo .133! That means the update is nearly here!! ;)

  • And as others have said, bass-heavy tracks have a way of rattling the dust in your grills.

  • Sorry, meant to say 2012.131 🙂 I updated my eariler post.

  • Aww, damn :p will the next update be .133 tho? Any hint at an ETA? Before the end of the month maaaaaaybe?

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