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TwinView Dock questions & suggestion

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: ROG Phone 3 ASUS_I003D
Firmware Version: 17.0823.2012.131
Rooted or not: No
So, I really like the TwinView Dock. Probably one of the reasons I got the ROG Phone 3 over any other "flagship" phone. There are a couple of questions I have about it, though.
I cannot seem to take a screenshot or record the second screen. Nothing I try (three-finger gesture, power button menu, or notification bar tools) seems to let me capture the second screen. I could've sworn the three-finger gesture worked before... but I could be wrong. Any suggestions?
I kinda don't like that plugging the phone into the TwinView Dock forces everything to be in landscape orientation. My main usage for the TwinView Dock is for running two different apps at once, so I'd like to have an option to keep everything in portrait orientation.
Any suggestions of a case that fits while using the TwinView Dock? I have a case right now, but it's a bit too thick to fit into the TwinView Dock (or the AeroActive Cooler, for that matter) Will the Lighting Armor fit? Or is the only option the Aero Case (which I'd rather not use, since the one that came with my phone covers the air vent...)?

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Still looking for answers...

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I only can help to answer 3rd question..
As far as i know, only case that bundled in box is compatible with twinview dock..
I have lighting armor case, but it too thick so it won't fit..

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@BPM Sorry for the late reply,
I've asked for clarification and will get back to you when I get an answer.

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Hey, i just trying to take screenshot on second screen and i can took it by holding switch app button..
I'm having twinview dock II btw, idk if its different with twinview dock 3..