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General Questions about Rog Phone

Star III


I am planning to try Rog phones for the first time. I have a couple of questions please:

1) When a new notification is received, can the notification info pop up while the screen is off? Can we decide which application can have this feature? I use it a lot while driving.

2) Can the navigation buttons be configured for double clicks and long presses?

3) Is there any video/article on how to customize the AOD?

4) Is there a dedicated music player?



Rising Star I
  • I believe all android phones let you choose wether or not you have notifications on the lockscreen
  • Which navigation buttons?  You mean the three down on the navigation bar?
  • There are videos on how to customize the AOD. They are on previous ROG phones but they use the same software so they should also apply for the 8 and 8pro. Here's one
  • There's not particular ROG music player, other than the stock google one I believe. Either way, if you want to listen to music I would recommend you download a player like Pulsar or Poweramp.

If you have any more doubts once you have the phone, Asus includes something called mastery that teaches you how to use some of the phone's functions.

In the ROG Phone 7 and 8 you can even add pictures to the AOD and get a little notification icon on the screen when you get messages too

Star III

I did not mean the lock screen, I meant a pop-up notification while the screen is off (with edge lights). In the video, when a new notification is received, it seems the only option is to wake up the screen !! Can the screen be shown while the screen is black (turned-off)



>> Which navigation buttons?  You mean the three down on the navigation bar?  Yes