Best sound. Bad rear camera glass. Medium game performance.

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: rog 3
  2. Firmware Version: latest
  3. Rooted or not:not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: always
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


Best part of this Phone is its sound, Excellent stereo and bass with woofer.

Battery is good. Yes best battery.

Worst thing is its glass used in rear camera needs to improve. Scratch quickly. Suggest to use quality glass.

Performance is medium while gaming PUBG, there is not much advantage compered to other phones Lag, glitz, fps, touch response, are seems to be same or slightly better compered to other phones cost around Rs. 20k to 30k.


  • True, and the phone heats up a little when I set it at 144 Hz

  • i'll agree with you on the sound, battery and the camera glass being super scratchy, i dropped mine and cracked the corner of the camera glass a little lol

    what i wont agree with you on is the performance being on par with cheaper phones.

    When you say lag, so you mean fps drops or do you mean input delay, because chances are its just its a game server delay, not actual frame drops.

    this is expected when playing games at 144hz as you're gaming, and doing it at 144hz

    i run mine at 160 and it heats up a tiny bit when gaming, but again that's expected

  • you also cant say there's not much advantage over other phones considering only 3 other phones have built in triggers (that i can think of)

    sounds like you're doing wrong, as even playing at high/60fps, it NEVER drops below 58, which is normal and even when it does drop, it is only for a second

  • This is my average

    I play pubg at smooth/90. Average temp 40c . Max temp 43c. Fps never dips billow 70.

    If you live in a hot climate don't expect good temp from any mobile device...

    It will throttle....even iphones too...

    Try to game on bypass charging.... It will heat less....

  • Even if I'm not gaming the phone heats up a little at 144 Hz. but I think it's normal.

  • Hi wkabichandra,

    PUBGM is now an after market App and some after market App may not run as intended.

    I don't feel performance is medium. Try playing different game like CODM, FreeFire etc. and let me know. Also, share a video if possible to show your issue better.

  • Lol. Medium ?

    You good ? I never get any single dip playing pubg at 90fps on UHD setting (i use gfx or smth). Even i play minecraft with a lot of shaders and textures it can reach 120fps with no probs at all. If you say the phone is not much better compare to let's say $300-$400 (i don't know what kind of currency you mentioned lol) you're just completely clueless about this phone.

    Do some research tweaking X Mode for a better performance, pal.

  • Thank you for the love of God you said exactly what I was about to say

    But wait, Ultra HD you mean,? Cause I have the same exact settings as you and I haven't found any Gfx app that can unlock UHD since it hasn't been implemented yet

    But I'm damn sure it will run that setting on stable 90 FPS too

  • Once @Danishblunt showed me how to enable 90fps in uhd

    Open your game and max every settings possible with uhd 40fps and set every other settings you want and close the game

    Now find the active.sav and upload it on and change all the fps level fo 7 then download it replace the current active.sav wifh new one and boom you have 90fps on uhd just dont change any settings at all

  • Sorry to say,there is no option called UHD that's open

    Smooth,Balanced,HD,Hdr,Ultra HD,UHD

    UHD is not yet available as it isn't implemented,just like ultra HD wasn't implemented until the start of September

    Also I use an app called Hex editor which pretty much does the same job,so I don't have to touch anything as of yet

  • It's the limitation of Phones, you can increase the performance but it will definitely suffer from overheating.. That is one of the common problem that we experience in tropical countries.. That is why the BS3pro is the best contender for non-stop gaming due to the accessories it provide and the 65W fast charging.. The only downside to it is you will definitely suffer from battery issues later on.. Even if you opt for the 10W magnetic charger.. Hell a 40$ battery replacement is still worth it for it to function for 5years..

    As to Rog phones, you will have to replace the motherboard despite the only issue is with the IC Chip.. Been there with Rog2, now, I don't use my Rog 3 that often.. Too expensive to repair, despite using it intentionally for gaming... If you can't fix that IC problem or extend the warranty for atleast 2 years, you will definitely lose to your competitors..

    Legion phones are entering the arena, so far they can match up with less heating problem.. I also have the lenovo legion Phone Duel BTW.. Bought it cause my Rog 3 was still with the Service Center.. Check my post here on that matter... The Devs did definitely helped me with the problem but they have issue Quality Control.. They can definitely save more if the units that they have released had been subjected to thorough testing...

    MPF, Don't get me started with the Black Crush issue... Mine got worst after the December update...

  • I still regret buying this . I should had bought iphone xr for the same price. Atleast I could had got a nice camera with good performance .

  • After market app ? It's a game played most of the mobile user around the world 😮 am I the one who's shocked by seeing this from a gaming device manufacturer.

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    Ooof paying almost same price for an 60hz 720p notched ips lcd in 2020/21

    Crappy sampling rate and one camera sensor

    Rog may not the best camera setup or the algorithm but it's more capable overall in features/variability

    Plus there's good gcam support

    Coming to the speakers and other hardware stuff xr is an massive downgrade

    You can praise ios all you want but it doesn't touch the surface of customisation android and "rog ui" offers

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    He probably meant it in regard for the Indian region


    Pubg isn't officially available here (only way to run is through third party sources)

  • Either way,it still beats all the other phones in terms of gaming and performance

    It's motherboard can withstand heat so no change will be required for the future,even tho I live in a tropical country it's heat management and 0 throttling is all it needs to beat all other phones

    Especially with iPhones,once they reach 42 degrees they throttle so they don't burn themselves LMAO

    AND lastly, its features, performance on any temperature and connectivity,not to mention that's it's a VERY clean android which allows an easier customisation just in case the L I V E wallpapers are not your fancy,and is just very simple and interesting to set up and use,it's the main reason why it shines above everything else currently,and will continue so until Rog 5 steals it's spot

  • Lol shitting on this forum by saying those things is not gonna help, pal. Help yourself by buying those phone and shut the f up lol no one cares about your personal hatred with this phone, Smh.

    And don't ever complain to wherever apple forum you found that you can't even play emulator game with those fruit scam thingy. Jeez

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