Asus ux343flc - I Need Recovery Files

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Detailed description:Hi, I lost my recovery disk, but I need the files. WHere Can I download this recovery file please ?


  • Hello,

    you can actually use the computer most of the time simply by reinstalling windows 10, if that's what you're after.

    Many questions come to mind.

    1. why do you need to recover the system?
    2. do you need to keep any data?
    3. does it boot to windows?
    4. can you use the built-in recovery tools?
    5. has it been reinstalled before?
    6. has the disk / ssd been replaced before?
    7. have you got a usb stick and another computer?
    8. do you know how to create a windows usb installer?
    9. have you ever booted from a usb disk before?
    10. the easiest way to recover a system where you don't need to keep any data is to use a windows 10 usb installer, boot from it, install windows 10, then selectively download the drivers you need, AFTER windows is updated and downloads all it's drivers that it wants to. The whole process takes many, many hours, but you don't need to be infront of the computer the whole time.

  • I need to know, There are many drivers to install, but I think it`s not necessary when I format my pc. So, What drivers are really important to install ?

    And other question, when I used recovery my scrren pad was initializing with a introdution saying on screen "ScreenPAD" with many effects, thats was beatiful, but now the effects its not working, simple loading the screen.

    Other question, for example, the app "ScreenPad Calculator" it`s not working for me, I click on the app to start at the microsoft store, and nothing happens.

    One more, finally, Why my search on the microsoft store not loading asus apps ? Maybe Why I`m in Brazil ?

    Tknz for helping, many thkz.

  • Hello rafael,

    Do you have UX434FLC?

    We have an eSupport file under the C driver that contains all the initial drivers of the device.

    Also, if you did not format the device and clear all everything. You are able to try to restore factory setting.

    And then just keep running the Windows update, and you will have all the drivers you need.

    Below is the official support website for UX434FLC, for your reference.

    For reinstalling Screenpad 2.0, please refer to below link and be careful about the installation order.

    And "Screenpad Calculator" is for screenpad 1.0 only. You have screenpad 2.0, you can use the Windows built-in calculator on screenpad 2.0, or you can download other third party app to use.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Blake, Tknz fir your help, unfortunatelly I deleted recovery files, so, Is there any place that contains files of recovery ??

    THe others informations are very util.


  • Hello Rafael,

    If you would like to restore everything back, including having the eSupport file again,

    please kindly send the device back to our service center and we will set up the whole system for you.

    Thank you.

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