Armoury Crate is installing Microsoft Edge Beta without asking for permission

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  1. System: Laptop Asus Tuf A15
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: FA506
  4. Frequency of occurrence:
  5. Reset OS:
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:

Armoury Crate is intstalling Edge Beta without even asking any permission. There is no option to uninstall it either from Control Panel, Settings or any other place.

The only way to uninstall it is by going to "C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ArmouryDevice\dll\ArmourySocketServer"

Then "right-clicking MicrosoftEdgeBetaEnterpriseX64.msi > Uninstall"

For additional measures you can also clean up "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge Beta".

Mods can you please tell why are you forcing to install Edge Beta when we dont even want to use Edge in the first place ?


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